Guy Strazz

Guy Strazz

Guy plays:

"The Silent Guitar allows me to practice anytime of the day or night and when it's time to play live, it comes into its own as a fine instrument. Its craftsmanship allows ease of playability and even timbre throughout. The B-band pick-up allows a more than satisfactory tonal range, and considering this guitar has no body, it really does an excellent job. It's also incredibly handy when touring due to its ergonomically compact design."

Accalimed nylon string guitarist Guy Strazz has enjoyed great success in Austalia and overseas. He has released several CDs through ABC/EMI/Universal and secured a publishing deal with BMG. Guy has won the APRA Award and received a nomination for Best World Music Eurasia Global Beat from the US Indie Acoustic Project Awards with his band, Calcutta Express. The band toured the UK with Asia Music Circuit and performed at the International Yatra Jazz Festival in India. He was a featured artist at the Frankston International Guitar Festival in 2004 and performed live at the 2004 APRA Awards with fellow guitarist Slava Grigoryan. He is a recipient of the prestigious Australia Council Music Fellowship and was a guest columnist throughout 2006 for Australian Guitarist.

Guy has collaborated with Mike Stern, Martin Taylor and Indian slide-player Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (winner with Ry Cooder of the 1993 Grammy's). Guy also performs with his current bands Passionfruit and Sound Lounge, and is currently working with National Jazz Award winner pianist Matt McMahon (from Vince Jones and Katie Noonan).