Jamie Cameron

Jamie Cameron

Jamie plays:

Maple Custom Absolute Nouveau (Yellow Pearl Fade)

"Yamaha Drums are the best sounding and most responsive drums around. Easy to tune and easy on the eye!"

Jamie grew up in Sydney studying with Martin Highland and Andrew Gander, followed by Gordon Rytmeister and Andrew Dickeson at the Sydney Conservatorium, and later Chad Wackerman and Simon Barker. He also travelled to South Korea in 2007 to study traditional percussion, in part with master percussionist and educator, Kim Dong-Won.

Jamie recently recorded albums with jazz bands Amphibious, Song Fwaa, and the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra, and with Lily Dior, Joe West, Joe Kelly and comedian Luke Escombe. He also plays with 20th Century Dog, The Felas, Cumbiamuffin, and ironic disco band The Brutal Poodles.