Ben Dennien

Ben Dennien

Ben plays:

"Whether it’s playing my Maple kit live, or tracking with the Birch in the studio, Yamaha kits are just so expressive and musical."

Ben has played drums for over 20 years and has worked with such artists as Chuck Girard (Nashville USA), Adam Lester (Peter Frampton USA), Darlene Zschech (Australia) David Evans (USA), Kristle Minton (UK), Guy Mutton (Australian Idol) and has toured the UK, USA, as well as various parts of Asia and Africa. As a session drummer, Ben has played on recordings for film and television, as well as recording for bands such as Holland, Avalon Drive, Sarajevo Rose, Nine Sons of Dan, Misdirection, Awaken I Am, Fairchild, Starlight Theatre, METROBand, as well as his own band Fighting Kind.