Carl Riseley

Carl Riseley

Carl plays YFH6310Z and YTR8335LA

"As soon as I picked up my 'Z' model Flugel (YFH6310Z), I knew it was the ultimate for me, a really rich warm sound and great intonation. I also played around with all of the 8335 model Xeno trumpets and found I loved the horns straight away. They had a centered tone and good placement throughout the whole range. I settled with the YTR8335LA as it helped with the kind of playing I do.from playing soft ballads to soloing over a big band, the horn never seems to let you compromise tone. The Yamaha quality from horn to horn is unbelievably impressive! These are very free-blowing horns, awesome!"

Carl Riseley has always had music in his veins. The passion struck earlier than Carl can remember when he was growing up on the Gold Coast in Queensland. "I held my first trumpet when I was perhaps about four," he recalls. "Dad taught me to play. I remember having lessons with him in our garage with the music spread across the windscreen of the car. We'd play songs like Scarborough Fair." Carl continued to play the trumpet throughout school, but it was only towards the end of high school that he really felt he could make a career from his talent.

When a good friend joined the Royal Australian Navy as a trombone player, Carl was inspired to do the same and signed up the following year as a full-time musician in the Navy. Two trips to Iraq followed; experiences that greatly humbled the young sailor. "We were providing moral support and as much of a distraction as is possible for the troops over Christmas and New Year. Watching our troops edge a smile on their face while forgetting about what they were involved in, even if it was just for an hour, was one of the best moments of my life."

Carl has released his first album, The Rise to rave reviews. The album came about shortly after Carl's tenure in Australian Idol (2007), where he made it through to the Final Three. Two weeks in the studio produced a 12-track album of classic hits sung by Carl as well as featuring some of some of Australia's greatest musicians, including legendary trumpeter and fellow Yamaha Music Australia artist, James Morrison. "It was awesome. Unbelievable." recalls Carl of the recording process. "At one stage we had 36 musicians in the room at one time, to get that big band, swing feel. They were long hours, but it didn't feel like hard work because it was so enjoyable. I will never forget it. It's my first experience in a recording environment and with a record label."