John Mackay

John Mackay

Children Collide

John plays:

“I like the cleanish sound I get out of an AC30. When I combine it with the head it seems to suit my pedals/style”

John Mackay is the lead singer and lead guitarist for Australian indie rock band Children Collide. Their debut album, The Long Now was released in October 2008 and was produced by David Sardy. This album’s single "Farewell Rocketship” had them appear for the first time in a Triple J Hottest 100 with one entry at number 66.

The band appeared at Triple J's One Night Stand 2009 held in Sale, Victoria, Australia. Their song "Social Currency" was the theme song for the Nine Network's Friday Night Football coverage of the NRL. Their track "Skeleton Dance", remixed by Ladytron, has been included in a downloadable soundtrack for the EA Sports game FIFA 10.

The band premiered their single "Jellylegs" from the album Theory of everything with The Doctor on Triple J. Theory of Everything was voted Triple J listeners 18th favorite album of 2010. The band appeared twice more in the Triple J Hottest 100, 2010 with "My Eagle" at 60 and "Jellylegs" at 22. The Long Now came 90 in the Triple J Hottest 100 Australian Albums of All Time.

On 10th October 2012 the band announced that they had started recording their third album and they later announced that the album was mixed and finished on the 16th of December.

John is now based in NYC and returns to Australia to tour with Children Collide.