Casey Kostiuk

The Wolfe Brothers / Lee Kernigan

Casey Kostiuk

Casey plays:

“The very first set of cymbals I ever got were Paiste. From that moment on I always had a fascination with the brand and always found the cymbals to be very musical and unbelievably consistent. Consistency is one thing that all other manufacturers seem to really struggle with. And after years of playing hundreds of different cymbals I find that Paiste have all the sounds I love and need for my musical expression.”

Casey Kostiuk is a professional touring and recording drummer for Australian country rockers "The Wolfe Brothers". Casey also holds down the drum thrown for Australian country super star "Lee Kernaghan" and has backed the likes of Angry Anderson, Troy Cassar-Daley, Tania Kernaghan and Jasmine Reigh among others.